How Weed Can Improve Your Sex Life

Can getting high give you a better sex life? The abundant recreational and medical benefits that come from using marijuana have long been discussed in the media. Movies often portray marijuana users as “stoners” who are generally quite relaxed. And overall, cannabis/weed does provide a fair amount of relaxation for the user. It should not be so surprising at all that weed is alleged to also increase sexual performance and experience

A study conducted in 2017 by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found a link between both improved and increased sexual performance and marijuana use. The base findings of the study concluded that people who smoke weed have more and better sex than non-smokers. 

Getting the Best Out of “Pot Sex”

Whether you prefer a scientific study, a doctor’s recommendation, or word-of-mouth approval, the results seem to all point in the same direction: smoking weed can improve your sex life. Before you light up, however, there are a few suggestions on how to correctly use weed to enhance your sexual performance.

The top suggestion by doctors and other experienced users is to not try anything new on the same night you plan to have sex. If you don’t know how you will react to a particular strain of weed, it may backfire on your evening and your expectations. There are particular strains of cannabis that are reportedly best used for a heightened sexual experience, but you should always “test drive” the product beforehand. 

Best Weed Picks for Great Sex

As mentioned earlier, there are certain strains of marijuana that reportedly enhance sexual experience and performance for the users:

Sour Diesel is a top sex weed pick by experts and recreational enthusiasts. The reported “energized” effects of this strain can lead to a passionate and lust-filled night in bed.

Bubblegum Kush is the ideal marijuana strain for anyone looking for increased touch sensation and wants a slow and passionate sexual experience. Users have reported feelings of relaxation and heightened tactile sensations. 

Jillybean is great for those nights when you want to be creative with your partner and try new things. The euphoric and energized feelings from this hybrid strain can lead to fun and kinky sex. 

Harlequin and AC/DC have also been touted as great weed strains for sex, probably because of the high CDB potency. Both strains are considered sativa-dominant and provide an uplifting and easy-going effect while also increasing alertness. 

Each type of cannabis can have a different effect and lead to a variety of eye-opening sexual experiences for you and your partner. 

Weeding Through Other Sex Products

If you want to introduce cannabis into your sex life, you don’t necessarily have to inhale anything. Weed-infused lubes, creams, and massage oils can offer an exuberant experience for both partners (or just you). Unlike normal lubricants that provide moisture immediately, cannabis lubes need time to be absorbed by the body, usually 15 to 30 minutes. Additionally, oil-based weed lubricants can cause latex condoms to weaken, so water-based lubes are best if being used in conjunction with condoms. Cannabis lubes and oils are especially recommended for beginners. 

Being Good to Your Sex Life

If you are looking for a way to revolutionize your sex life and increase sexual performance, you may find that integrating weed into your bedroom will give you the results you’re looking for. The right amount of a good thing can lead to great experiences. but with most things in life, too much of that good thing can have the opposite effect. 

A 2015 study conducted by the American Journal of Epidemiology suggested a correlation between consistent marijuana use and decreased sperm count in young adult males. Another study conducted in Europe looked into possible causes of erectile dysfunction from drug use. 

Even with the potential of negative consequences, there are still other studies and reports that indicate a high correlation between weed and increased sexual arousal and performance. You just have to know your body and how much weed you can handle while still being able to perform and enjoy sex with your partner. And don’t forget to use lubricant. 

When used correctly, weed can be great for your sex life. It can enhance tactile sensations and overall feelings and experiences with your partner. There are certain marijuana strains, like Bubblegum Kush and Sour Diesel, that are considered the best weed for sex. Different types of weed can lead to a different sexual encounter. If you want to enhance your sex life with weed, you should try new strain out beforehand and stay in moderation so you don’t end up with a more negative experience.

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