How to Dab Weed 101: A Handy Guide

You may already be acquainted with the phenomenon that dabbing has become in the cannabis community.

Heads up: If you haven’t done dab smoking before, it may look a little intimidating at first. Also, don’t get shocked if you start coughing all of a sudden. But the high that dabbing can give you is far superior to the buzz you would get off a bong.

Through this article, we’ll supply all the basics you need to know about dabbing weed.

Sound good? Let’s get dabbin’!

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing is the process of ingesting cannabis concentrates through flash vaporizers.

These concentrates have a much higher potency than cannabis flower, which is also why they can provide faster relief from health conditions like appetite loss, insomnia, nausea, chronic pain, stress, and other problems.

Dabbing wax is also more suitable for patients who have a higher tolerance or are suffering from severe symptoms.

The health benefits of dabbing are somewhat similar to vaporization because the process uses conductive heating. But it’s extremely crucial for you to keep an eye on the temperature of the heating nail to avoid combustion. So if you want to preserve the terpenes, you need to familiarize yourself with the appropriate cooldown time, depending on your dab nail.

What Are the Different Types of Dabs?

Dabs are essentially cannabis extract suspended in butane hash oil (BHO), and they are available in a variety of forms. Despite some differences in texture and appearance, the effects of dabs are mostly the same with little variation depending on the strain used.

Here are the most popular types of dabs:

  • Wax: Wax dabs have a butter-like appearance. These have a high degree of malleability, which makes them easier to work with.
  • Shatter: With a creamy, translucent yet brittle consistency, shatter has limited malleability compared to the other types, but it also lasts longer than other consistencies.
  • Honeycomb: Honeycomb is actually a type of wax that is soft and brittle with, as you might have guessed, a honeycomb appearance.
  • Crumble: This can be of two types: sugar crumble and wax crumble. While the former is sticky and looks more crystallized, the latter is creamier with a smoother surface.
  • Oil: Oils have the loosest consistency of BHO, and are thicker than a liquid and sticky.
  • Budder: With its wax-like and gooey consistency, budder is one of the most popular dab types because its higher moisture content makes it easy to work with.

Important Equipment Required for Dabbing

Here’s the equipment you’ll need if you want to dab:

  • Cannabis concentrate
  • Water pipe
  • A nail (can be made with ceramic, titanium, or quartz) that fits your water pipe
  • A small ceramic, metal, or silicone spatula-like tool known as the dabber
  • Mini torch – similar to ones used for preparing crème brûlée

How to Dab: Step-by-Step Process

With the equipment sorted out, let’s discuss the steps for dabbing.

  1. The first step is to prepare your dab. You need to scoop a small amount of the concentrate – a half grain of rice or less – on to your dabber tool. Remember, it’s important to use a small amount as a concentrate is much more potent than flower.
  2. Switch on your mini torch lighter and focus the flame at the nail, which should be connected to your water pipe. Depending on the material you choose, the heating time will vary, so you have to be patient.
  3. Once you find a nail beginning to look red-hot, you can turn off the mini torch lighter. Keep in mind that you need to allow the nails to cool off as well. If you’re using titanium, 10 seconds is a must, whereas 45 seconds is appropriate for a quartz nail.
  4. Take your dabber tool and gently apply the concentrate on to the nail, and inhale slowly. Rotate the dabber tool around the nail to prevent any oil accumulation on the dabber.

Is There a Dabbing Limit You Should Know?

In the case of flower, the total THC content ranges from 10 to 25%. For concentrates the composition is much higher – 50 to 80% THC.

As a result of this enhanced potency, the concentrate should always be used in smaller amounts, even when you want a stronger effect. We would recommend starting slow and small and increasing according to your comfort and tolerance level.

Concluding Thoughts

Consuming cannabis through dabbing can be one of the most pleasant experiences – provided you stay careful. Since it involves fire, there are risks.

Always start off small, and, if possible, after visually learning the process by watching an experienced person dab first. Staying hydrated is also necessary to avoid a coughing fit.

Until then, happy dabbing!

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