Weed Strains: The Ultimate Guide

Cannabis shows great promise when it comes to helping people who suffer from mental as well as physical problems. While it‘s true we still need more evidence to support these claims, experts see a lot of potential in medical marijuana. Now that it’s more accessible than ever before, given these potential medical benefits, it would be unwise to fail to take advantage of the different types of weed strains available in the market.

In this article we’ll discuss what, exactly, a weed strain is, and a few of the most famous strain names.

What Is a Weed Strain?

You might have encountered words like indica, sativa, and hybrid when searching for the different types of strains. Before talking about the list of strains, let’s understand what the different marijuana types are in more detail.

Cannabis Sativa

One of the most common types of cannabis, the sativa plant is tall – up to 15 feet in certain cases – and has long and thin leaves. The dainty and narrow leaves, with its tall growth, make it perfect for outdoor growing.

You won’t find any spots or markings on sativa seeds, which are soft to touch. However, if you want your cannabis to grow faster, sativa plants might not be the best choice for you as these plants take time to grow.

These generally originate from warmer climates and are found in places below a latitude of 30° North. Mexico, India, Nigeria, and South Africa are the most common places where cannabis sativa is found in abundance.

A sativa flower has lower levels of THC and high CBD levels, which gives the flower energizing and mood-lifting effects. Additionally, it can give a creative boost and help improve focus. It’s because of these effects that people suffering from exhaustion and depression prefer cannabis sativa.

Cannabis Indica

While it might be shorter than the sativa plant, cannabis indica is certainly more potent. These have thicker, rounder, and darker leaves and are also quite sticky due to high amounts of resin.

Indica has a much faster flowering stage than the sativa plant, and you can promote the growing phase by making changes to the light cycle. Also, since it has a height of only 3 to 6 feet and grows in clumps, it’s more suitable for indoor growing.

Cannabis indica originated in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan and is commonly found in places above 30° North such as Morocco, Nepal, and Lebanon.

Indica plants have high levels of THC and low levels of CBD, which gives the strain strong sedative and relaxing effects. It creates a “body high” that helps to alleviate muscle spasms and pain, and provides migraine and headache relief. Indica strains are best for patients suffering from insomnia, pain, and anxiety.


As the name suggests, hybrid strains are produced by cross-germinating the two strains mentioned above, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. This helps to produce and enhance the effects of both the strains, which is the main reason hybrids are more popular than the pure versions of their parents.

In terms of the effects created, the main influence comes from the dominant seed. For example, an indica-dominant strain will help you relax more and put you in a sedative state, while a sativa-dominant strain will make you feel more energetic and deliver a “head high.”

Cannabis Ruderalis

It might not be as popular as the above-mentioned strains, but the ruderalis is also an important type of marijuana that is commonly used to make autoflowerers.

These are quite short with a height of only 20 to 25 inches and have thick foliage. Their flowering cycle is faster and early, which is why they are commonly found growing farther north.

The Ruderalis has low levels of THC and is therefore commonly used for medicinal purposes.

A Handy List of Strains You Should Know

Here we‘ll discuss a few different weed strains to help you get a better understanding of the produced effects. Let’s take a look!

Sour Power Hour

Sour Power Hour is a cross between Sour Diesel and Lemon Kush. Its high levels of CBD not only boost its potency but make it perfect for energizing your body. Its aroma is deliciously good with notes of citrus and diesel. 

Sour Power Hour creates a state of euphoria but gives a non-drowsy and clear high. This is why you can also use it during the morning.


Banjo is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain between cannabis plants Tangelo and Boost. With its sweet and piney flavor and a unique zest-like aroma, this weed strain will help enhance your mood and provide moderate sedation. This weed strain is also useful for combating aches and pains.

GMO Cookies

GMO Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is created after crossing Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies. It has a strong petrol smell with coffee and fruit notes along with a sweet, earthy flavor. It’s best for pain relief.

501st OG

The 501st OG cannabis flower has large trichome-laden buds. This indica-dominant hybrid has high amounts of THC, which creates a strong sedative effect. You’ll also like the piney and fruity aroma.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with uplifting effects. Along with the earthy and peppery flavor, you get to enjoy its relaxing and euphoric effects. However, keep in mind that it has a relatively high THC content at 26%.

Gary Payton

Named after the renowned NBA player, Gary Payton is a very potent hybrid marijuana strain with high amounts of THC and almost zero traces of CBD. Its parent strains are The Y and Snowman, and that helps to give it a strong flavor and relaxing effects.

Takeaway Thoughts

Cannabis is quite a complex concept. The different types of marijuana have multiple weed strains, with each having its own features and advantages.

As the details about its positive and negative effects are still somewhat murky, if you’re interested to know how cannabis can help you, talk to a doctor or a healthcare specialist before exploring your options. Also, with experts doing their best to research these fascinating compounds, we can expect more concrete findings within the next couple of years.

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