Pre-Rolled Joints or Pre-Rolls: All You Need To Know

It’s quite interesting how a rolled joint has become symbolic of the marijuana culture.

While there are several ways to ingest cannabis, it’s the joint that remains the most convenient and hence, the most popular. But, pre-rolled joints, or pre-rolls as they’re commonly called, have certainly taken this convenience to the next level.

With cannabis legalization, you can now easily step into your local dispensary and get yourself a pre-roll. While this is certainly time-saving, the whole excitement can go down the drain if the quality disappoints.

Read on as we tell you everything you need to know about the pre-roll. Trust us, you’ll be surprised!

What is a Pre-Rolled Joint?

Taking the additional route, let’s first define what a pre-rolled joint is.

A Pre-Roll is a marijuana joint or blunt that was prepared well before the intended time of consumption. Also, if you don’t know how to roll a joint yourself, or aren’t very good at it, this is the solution to all your woes.

How are Pre-Rolls Made and How It Came into Existence?

You might already be aware of how budtenders are very meticulous when handling cannabis nugs. Constantly dispensing to patients often causes the strain to break down into smaller bits of flowers. This is also known as “shake.”

To make sure that every bit of the cannabis is put to good use, pre-rolls were started being prepared from these leftovers.

After gathering the shake, the leftovers are funneled into cones or rolling papers, which are then either rolled manually or by using a pre-roll machine. The best part about these pre-rolls is the flexibility of purchase; you can buy individual joints or whole packets depending on what you like.

Pre-Rolled Joint vs. Pre-Rolled Blunt: What is the Difference?

Pre-rolled joints are made using light and thin rolling paper that is sealed after loading it with cannabis. On the other hand, pre-rolled blunts use heavier and thicker cigar wraps instead and are usually much larger than the average joint.

However, the biggest difference between the two is the presence of nicotine in the pre-rolled blunts.

While pre-rolled joints contain marijuana only, pre-rolled blunts have a bit of nicotine to enhance the calming effects of the tobacco leaf it‘s wrapped in. But yes, both the options will give you a smooth psychoactive high.

Rolling Papers vs. Cones: Which Is Better?

Rolling papers are extremely thin sheets that come between the length of 70mm to 110mm. These have varying widths, so you can choose one that you prefer more for rolling marijuana.

However, manually rolling papers aren’t only time-consuming but are inconsistent as well. If you don’t roll the joint properly, you won’t be able to enjoy a quality marijuana experience. Still, there are people who prefer rolling papers because of dosage control.

Although a bit more expensive than rolling papers, pre-rolled cones are much more time saving and consistent.

The bud is placed into the mouth of the cone after which the ends are twisted to seal the marijuana in. Generally, these cones are made out of organic materials or good quality hemp.

Why are there Different Quality of Pre-rolls in the Market?

Not every pre-roll is created equal.

The above statement is the golden rule that you need to remember whenever you stop by a dispensary.

The main reason behind this is the low-quality shake. Several cannabis users who grind their own nugs fail to differentiate between stems, seeds, and other parts that can make them less flavorful, lumpy, and uneven. Hence, the varying qualities.

Tips to Help You Find the Best Pre-Rolled Joint

The following are a few ways to help you determine the quality of your pre-roll:

Ask what’s in it

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about cannabis products. Often, budtenders have tried the pre-roll themselves and can give you genuine feedback based on their experience or from a previous customer.

If your budtender isn’t well-informed, it would be better to leave the pre-roll and look for other options.

Take a little whiff of the joint

If possible, take a quick whiff of your pre-roll. Higher quality cannabis has a fresh, dank aroma thanks to a rich blend of terpenes. Basically, you should be smelling a blend of common scents like pine, diesel, lemon, berry, cloves, and so on. If that isn’t the case, or if it smells like hay, take it as a red flag.

While a synthetic smell verifies the use of pesticides during the time of harvest, something more woodsy means that stems are present in the pre-roll – both of which aren’t desirable.

Find out who created the pre-roll

Seeing customers want quality pre-rolled plants, brands have started taking the initiative to meet this demand. So, you do have plenty of options.

You should try to look for products that have been created by wholesale brands or specialty companies, but if you cannot find one from them, look for rolls that come from growers. In addition to this, companies that only deal with pre-rolls are also a good bet since the success of the company will depend on the quality produced.

Don’t neglect the price

Now, price isn’t really a reliable factor to help you find the best pre-roll. If you’re lucky, you can find a pre-roll that is rich in terpenes and has a smooth flavor even after an eight dollar price tag.

What you need to understand is that these are rare occurrences.

It’s incredibly difficult to get pre-rolls that are of premium quality at a cheap rate. Also, if your pre-rolls have fancy packaging, then again you might have to pay more. Nevertheless, a higher price does indicate quality. We’d advise you to expect a minimum price of $20.

Another tip would be to purchase strain-specific pre-rolls. Blue Haze is an excellent choice that is much more reliable in comparison to lesser-known blends.

Is Buying Pre-Rolls Online Safe?

To answer your question upfront, it’s never safe to buy pre-rolls from shady brands that don’t have a proper website or aren’t transparent about the dealings. Unless you‘re lucky or know the seller beforehand, most of them are scams or sell lower quality products.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that the online purchase of pre-rolls isn’t safe – you only need to be mindful of the site you purchase from. 

Takeaway Thoughts

Nearing the end of this comprehensive guide, we‘ve now established the good and the bad of pre-rolls.

Not only are these products cheap and easy to use, but there are also a variety of fun options to choose from. If you remember to purchase pre-rolls according to the above-mentioned pointers, you‘re assured of an amazing marijuana experience as well.
If you haven’t tried a pre-roll until now, try one from Uplyft and experience the convenient marijuana magic yourself.

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