How to Properly Dose Your Weed Products

Whether you are a veteran weed user or just trying it out, the current global situation and mandatory quarantines in many parts of the nation mean that you have a lot of time at home to relax. Just like there is more than one way to skin a cat (such a terrible saying), there is more than one way to enjoy cannabis. But part of enjoying the effects of weed is knowing the right dose, whether you are smoking or ingesting marijuana through edibles. Finding the right dose for you isn’t always easy since different edible products and strains of weed can give different effects and sensations. For the most part, it’s a process until you find the right product and dosage. 

What’s Dose Got to Do with Edibles?

If you are unaware, edibles are just that – foods that contain a concentration of cannabis or the cannabis flower. The types of food items can be baked goods (cookies, brownies), beverages, and candies (chocolate, gummies, mints). Each serving contains a certain amount of weed – i.e. each piece is a dose. But before you eat the whole bag of candy, you should have an understanding of edible dosage amounts. 

If you have not tried edibles before, you may be surprised by the delayed reaction. Since the cannabis in edibles is absorbed through the stomach, it can sometimes take up to three hours before you feel anything. This is one reason why knowing the right edible dosage is important – you don’t want to overdo it. For the most part, each dose of a cannabis edible item contains approximately 10mg of THC. Depending on the product, this amount can change. 

Getting Your Dosage Right

If you are new to using cannabis, and especially, new to trying edibles, your initial dose may likely differ from other people and will change over time. Most experts and experienced cannabis users recommend your edible dosage to be around 5mg while you get a sense of how your body responds to the product. One report suggests that you wait at least 24 hours before trying any more weed and increasing your dosage slowly over time. With a quarantine likely in effect in your area, you probably have plenty of time to test different edibles and find the most ideal dosage for your body. 

Even if you think you have all the time in the world, you should still be careful when experimenting with your edibles dosage. Even if you have tried edibles in the past, it is still a good idea to increase your dose by an average of 2.5mg over a period of 24 hours. 

Cannabis, Edibles, and Digestion

Something else to take into account with edibles is your digestive system – the natural digestive process of your body can filter out some of the cannabis and change the actual potency of the edible. This means that a pre-eaten edibles dosage of 100mg may end up being closer to 60mg post-digestion. 

The bioavailability of weed changes, depending on how you ingest the product. If you don’t already know, “bioavailability” is simply how much of the drug is actually absorbed by your body. Research shows that the percentage of THC and CBD that is absorbed from edibles runs between 4% and 20%. The effect of THC can also feel more potent after the edible has been digested. It’s important to remember that the rate of bioactivity varies for each person. 

The Best Way to Weed

If you are looking for a quicker method of feeling the effects of cannabis, you may decide to smoke the product rather than eat it. One of the best ways to smoke weed is with a vaporizer. As one cannabis enthusiast reports, vaping allows you to inhale the vapor of the weed, which results in a better high. 

Vaping also helps dull the typical weed smell. Even if you are practicing social isolation right now, you may still enjoy the effects of vaping weed versus a traditional joint. Bongs are still a popular way to smoke weed – you also have a number of options instead of the traditional model, from the design of the bong to the type of material. Glass-made bongs still rank near the top of the list. 


Mandatory quarantine and orders for social distancing may have left you with a lot of time on your hands and experimenting with edibles is one way to fill in that time while also relaxing. If you are new to using cannabis and/or using edibles, you want to be sure that you find the right edible dosage—start small and increase slowly. If you prefer a faster delivery method for the weed, vaping is a popular choice over smoking a traditional joint. And, of course, there are always bongs.

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