Edible Recipes: The Best Weed Cookie Recipe

Cannabis enthusiasts have always been more than up for snacking on some munchies, and a recipe that tops everyone’s list is edible cookie dough.

We decided to go old-school, and use a traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe that is infused with cannabis. The one we’ll discuss below has 2 servings, but you can adjust the quantities of the ingredients depending on your need.

Items You Need to Make Your Own Weed Cookie Dough

Heads up: you need to get your hands on some cannabis butter to make this! If you don’t have the recipe, don’t worry, we’ve included one right at the bottom.

Other than that, you only need one large bowl and one potato masher.

The Best Chocolate Chip Edible Cookie Dough Recipe

Prepares: 2 servings

Duration: 10 minutes


¼ cup of brown sugar

5 tbsp of all-purpose flour

2 tbsp of cannabutter

2 tbsp of chocolate chips

1 tbsp of white milk

1/8 tsp of vanilla extract

1/8 tsp of coarse salt


1. Bake your flour at 350°F for 5 to 8 minutes to kill any bacteria. This will also help to avoid any undesirable microorganism buildup when you store the edible cookie dough.

2. Take out a large mixing bowl, and add brown sugar, salt, and vanilla extract. When you add the cannabutter, be careful of choosing one that has the right THC level.

3. Now comes the crushing time! Use the masher to crush all the ingredients so that all of them are combined thoroughly. If you don’t have a masher, a large mixing spoon will do as well.

4. Pour the milk into the mixing bowl. Keep stirring the mixture gently until a smooth and even consistency is reached.

5. The next step is to add flour, but there’s a little trick here: you should add only 1 tsp and mix it into the dough at a time. Keep doing this until the mixture reaches the perfect edible cookie dough texture.

6. Finally, add the chocolate chips to the dough. You can either serve the edible cookie dough with the chocolate chips right at the top or mix it in. The latter is recommended to get a little chocolate in every bite you take.

Is it Safe to Eat Raw Flour?

This is an age-old question, which has a straightforward answer: no, it isn’t safe to consume raw flour.

Not only will it upset the stomach, but it might also make you feel a little bloated. So, you should always heat your flour before you start making the edible cookie dough. You can use either an oven or a microwave for this purpose.

Ingredients to Add a Fun Twist to Your Weed Cookie Dough

While we have given a traditional chocolate chip cookie dough recipe above, there are so many different ingredients you can use to spice up the flavor a bit. This can also be a fun and exciting twist that will surprise your friends and family.

Before mentioning the ingredients, we’d like to warn you to add the same amount of flour to get the right consistency, which is thick and chewy. You can either choose one or mix and match the following ingredients:

  • Banana
  • Peanut butter
  • Nuts
  • Jam
  • Chocolate fudge sauce/ Hershey’s chocolate sauce
  • Nuts
  • Oreos
  • Ice cream
  • Apple purée
  • Yogurt
  • Jam

You can also use a hot chocolate mix when making the cookie dough, but if that’s the case, no additional flour would be necessary.

How to Make the Perfect Cannabutter

When it comes to making weed edibles, cannabutter can be the best option for you. Treat it like a substitute for real butter in any recipe –  except that it‘ll have some cannabis goodness in it.

The recipe we’ve mentioned below has 15 minutes of preparation time and two hours of cooking time. You‘ll get servings of 16 tablespoons with every batch.

Remember the potency of cannabis butter will depend on the potency of the cannabis that you use. Let’s get started!

Necessary Equipment

  • Oven
  • Double boiler
  • Baking tray
  • Parchment paper
  • Cooking twine
  • Strainer


1 Cup Butter

7-14 gm Cannabis (You can adjust the dosage depending on the potency you want)


1. The first step is to decarboxylate the cannabis and/or Kief and/or cannabis trim. For this, you’ll have to grind the cannabis before placing it on a baking tray covered with parchment paper. Lastly, put in the oven for 45 to 60 minutes at 240°F.

2. Fill up the bottom of the double boiler with water. Keep pouring until the level reaches the bottom of the bowl.

3. Bring the water to a boil, and once it’s done, turn the heat on low and add the real butter. 

4. Add the cannabis to the butter once the latter has melted fully. Keep cooking this mixture on low heat for 2 to 3 hours. Keep in mind that you’ll need to stir it every 15 to 18 minutes.

5. Take the double boiler off the heat and let cool.

6. Place a strainer (cheesecloth works too) over an empty container. Pour cannabutter through it. This will drain out the butter naturally thanks to gravity.

7. Put this container in the fridge to harden the butter.

8. Reheat the cannabutter and strain it again to remove any leftover plant matter or impurities.

Top Tip: Our recommended weed strains for making the cannabutter would include Platinum Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies, Thin Mint Cookies, Cookie Cake, Sunset Sherbet, and Cookies and Cream.

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