Different Ways to Vape Weed

With the growing interest in cannabis, weed vaporization is also gaining popularity. Since vaping weed is easy, discreet, and a healthier option than traditional smoking alternatives, the method has become the chosen option for many.

How Does Vaping Marijuana Work?

Vaping can be done with dried marijuana in its raw, bud form, with CBD oil, or with other concentrates like waxes, shatters, or crumbles.

There are three principal methods for vaping, and they all involve applying a controlled amount of heat:

Conductive Heating

Here, you place CBD oil or dried cannabis onto a surface that is heated via electricity. The surface can be made with a piece of solid metal or a screen to ensure an even distribution of heat through the chamber of the device.

Convective Heating

In this case, weed is vaporized without any direct contact with the heating element. Hot air starts to circulate through the device, which in turn vaporizes the cannabis.

Radiant Heating

An electric or light source provides heat that gradually increases the temperature of weed, turning it into vapor.

The Different Types of Vaping Methods

If you like variety, we have some good news for you!

There are multiple ways of vaping weed that are easy to use, portable, and, of course, let you enjoy the holistic properties of cannabis much faster than other consumption methods.

Let’s dig right in.

Pen Vaporizers

While you might not be familiar with pen vaporizers, you must have heard of vape pens – both are the same.

User-friendly, discreet, and much cheaper than portable vaporizers, vape pens use conduction heating to deliver the benefits of cannabis. However, it’s important to know how to use the device properly to ensure that you don’t overheat it or hurt yourself.

Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are continuously developing devices. These are bigger than your regular vape pens but are still travel-friendly. Additionally, these vaporizers are reusable and rechargeable; most are electric, but there are some butane options available.

Balloon Vaporizers

Balloon vaporizers use an attachable bag that can be connected to the main heating unit. The idea here is to reduce the amount of lost vapor, since the user can inhale through the mouthpiece directly after detaching the bag.

Stationary Vaporizers

Stationary vaporizers, also known as desktop vaporizers, are vapes that have to be plugged in.

While these are understandably not portable, the vapor quality created through the convection heating source is much higher. The heating systems in stationary vaporizers are very robust, with larger bowls to make your vaping experience more enhanced and fulfilling.

Direct Draw Vaporizers

These vaporizers typically have a mouthpiece attached to the heating unit that enables the vapor to flow directly to the user. The mouthpiece is generally permanently attached to the heating unit, but there are a few models that use a removable glass stem.

Tubing Vaporizers

Tubing or whip vaporizers are actually a broad category that includes devices ranging from pumps to fans. They can be about three feet tall with a silicone construction, and have a mouthpiece on one end connected to a glass tube holding the weed.

The Best Vaporizers Available on the Market

We decided to compile a list of the best brands that offer high-quality vaporizers for a smooth and uplifting vaping session.

STIIIZY – Vape Pods

With an aim to revolutionize the portable cannabis industry by offering products that can ensure a leak-free experience, STIIIZY makes some excellent vape pods that are highly potent and pure. The company uses a solvent-free distillation process with the concentrate undergoing lab testing as well.

Honeyleaf – Vape Cartridges

Honeyleaf offers flowers and oils in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. With this company, you’re assured of premium quality cannabis that has been crafted in small batches to enhance the flavor.

Kurvana – Vape Disposables

Although the company offers high-quality vape cartridges as well, we are particularly big fans of its vape disposables and their sleek and stylish packaging.

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