Delivery vs. Dispensary: Why Customers Are Opting for Cannabis Delivery

Things should be as convenient as possible – isn’t that the dream?

Whether it’s ordering food, paying bills, purchasing a car, or starting a business, people want to operate in a comfortable yet safe manner.

With governments making weed legal and growing awareness about the potential health benefits of cannabis, demand is already trending upward. And of course, marijuana users want cannabis delivery to be convenient as well. But is getting your weed delivered actually better than directly purchasing it from the dispensary?

Let’s find out!

Weed Delivery: Is This the Future?

Currently there are multiple marijuana delivery services. Just type “weed delivery near me” into your internet browser and you’ll be surprised with the options available. However, we all need to feel confident that we’re purchasing your cannabis products from reputable companies.

Why the sudden turn toward delivery? What makes it so good? Here are the top benefits of cannabis delivery services:


Since we’ve mentioned this word several times already, why not start the list with this as well? In fact, convenience is the primary reason these delivery services exist.

You can order a wide range of cannabis products through a simple call, email, or text – every one of which will be directly delivered to your doorstep. While it’s true that you have to place your orders based on pictures, this really isn’t a deal-breaker.

Cannabis delivery services ensure that the flower, concentrate, topicals, and edibles are nothing short of premium quality.


We believe the biggest advantage of cannabis delivery services is the privacy they offer. Not everybody wants to go to a dispensary, or feels comfortable being there to purchase cannabis products in public.

In case you’re wondering, when the delivery driver pulls to your home the car doesn’t carry flashy advertisements. On the contrary, the delivery people are meant to be incognito, so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out about your delivery.

Low Operating Costs

When compared to dispensaries, cannabis delivery services are far cheaper. As there is less inventory, the delivery operation doesn’t need a large space or building to store the products.

Plus, since customers place their orders online after viewing pictures on the website of the company, business owners don’t need to make a huge up-front investment to procure the marijuana products. This lowers expenses for the business owner.


After the recent legalization of cannabis, delivering weed-infused products is now safe for both the customer as well as the driver. Orders are dispatched to customers after they supply all the necessary information about themselves, while employers run background checks on delivery drivers to ensure that the driver doesn’t endanger any customer.

Easy Mobility

The entire structure of cannabis delivery services is based on mobility. This enables customers to get easy access to high-quality and flavorful cannabis products.

In a bid to reduce their carbon footprint, cannabis delivery services are also opting for hybrid and electric vehicles, so even the environment is protected to an extent.

You can place your order from anywhere – it only needs to fall within the predetermined delivery zone of the company.

Better Organization

Another perk of cannabis delivery services is scheduled deliveries, irrespective of the time.

If you want your product to be delivered late at night, you just need to talk to the manager/owner. They will give you an estimated time of arrival, and you can be sure that the drop-off will be done on the same date and time. In fact, many delivery services have already made accommodations for late-night deliveries.

Takeaway Thoughts

With every passing day, cannabis delivery services are aiming to redefine themselves to make the service more convenient and available to marijuana users. Considering the advantages that the services are offering along with encouraging rules and regulations, it’s safe to say that weed delivery services are not going anywhere.

Just make sure that you are placing orders from a credible cannabis delivery service.

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